Sample Reports

A Tipping Point Stock is a company that we think is relatively undiscovered, overlooked, and investors have not yet connected all of the dots for growth.  We try to find those that are in the cusp of product innovation cycles, have strong management, a protective moat relative to their competitors, a strong balance sheet, good share structure and more.  We want to find companies that in our opinion can appreciate 50% to as high as 200% (A triple) within a 9-18 month window from our initial report.

Recent Report on OSTK on November 8th has rallied  47% in 16 days as of  11/24/17:

Below are just a few samples of our work: STRP, CDXC, and TTD

STRP Report

CDXC Report

TTD report

600% 112% and 144% Gainers

STRP- Straight Path Communications- We wrote a full research report for the public on on July 17th 2015 at $28.11 per share.  We said this was like buying real estate at a hugely discounted price as the wave spectrum licenses they controlled were vastly undervalued by the market.  The company was put in a bidding war and AT and T won in April 2017 for a 600% Gain to $180 per share.

CDXC- Chromadex–  We produced a full research report on May 30th 2017 at $3.20 per share following a large investment into the company from Asia’s wealthiest and most successful business man and his team.  We connected the dots early and after 5 1/2 months the stock is up 112% of this sample report note. This research report you can review below is typical of the work we will be doing for our TPS Members.

TTD- The Trade Desk–  We wrote this company up as an emerging leader in the Digital Advertising sector in December 2016 a few months after their IPO.  We like Post IPO Base patterns as one of our criterial for a Tipping Point Stock.  The share price as of 11/1/17 has appreciated 144%.

Editors Note: As of November 17th 2017, in 5.5 months the stock rallied near  112% from our report.   CDXC- Chromadex  $3.28 12-18 Month Target $8 or 400 Million Market Cap Corporate Presentation (April 2017 PDF) ChromaDex leverages its integrated business units to discover, acquire, develop and commercialize patented and proprietary...

Editors Note: This stock rallied to $61 per share in September 2017 for a 125% Return over 10 months TTD- The Trade Desk $27.47 12/9 Close Recent IPO, 52 week high $33 Ranked the 55th fastest growing company in recent Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list Sold 5.4 Million shares...