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This membership and subscription service was developed by The Market Analysts Group, LLC.

Tipping Point Stocks membership is limited to only 200 subscribers. Once filled we will start a waiting list for another service to meet demand.



Dave started researching stocks as a young man fresh out of college.  He used to go to the library in the pre-internet days and spend hours going through Value Line Investment survey books. Dave believes in fundamental analysis first and foremost, but loves to pair up technical analysis with a human behavioral spin as well.  Having mastered Elliott Wave Theory during the decade of the 2,000’s, he developed a very large following on the internet on Raging Bull and other websites. His forecasting abilities eventually led to starting a subscription service back in 2009 and the rest is  history. Dave now has 59,000 followers on up from 2,500 just 3 years ago. His reputation for taking care of his members in his various subscription services is well known. Over 550 professionals follow him on Linked-In alone.  Peter Brandt, one of the worlds top traders and founder of Factor, LLC,  calls Dave  the Best Elliott Wave analyst he has ever seen.

Dave is the founder and our Chief Strategist . He has has been a featured writer and guest on regarding Gold forecasting with Alix Steele. Also on with Thom Calandra in the early 2000’s covering small cap stocks. He also has contributed to, has been quoted on Bloomberg, and is a Certified Seeking Alpha certified contributor as well as an author of articles at multiple investor websites. Dave has 59,000 followers on who value his advice and forecasts under the name @stockreversals. 

We publish and provide both free and paid subscription services for Active Investors. This includes Stock Market Forecasts including The SP 500 Index, Gold, Oil, Small Caps and Biotech sectors. We specialize in Swing Trading using a unique dual pronged approach.  This includes both fundamental and technical analysis and advice at and since September 2013.  Prior to launching those publications we were partners in two online subscription based services from 2009 until the launch of our 100% owned subscription services.

We have subscribers in over 40 countries and a published Track Record on our Swing Trading service of 70% winners vs only 30% losers over our existence. We have out performed the SP 500   since inception in September 2013.  You can see more details on our work and track record at 

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